Terms & Conditions

1. Who Operates the Scheme?

  1. The Serious Cycle Scheme is operated by Serious Injury Law. Serious Injury Law is a trading name of Fletchers Solicitors Ltd (Company no 5743784) registered in England and Wales Registered office at St James’ Tower, 7 Charlotte Street, Manchester M1 4DZ Authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA No. 469026). Legal Protection cover for cycle accident claims will be provided to members of the scheme, up to an indemnity limit of £150,000, when a personal injury claim, in England and Wales, with reasonable prospects of success is accepted and pursued to a conclusion by Serious Injury Law.

2. What happens if I want to make a claim?

  1. Serious Injury Law, in their sole discretion, will assess whether your claim possesses reasonable prospects of success. In making this assessment, Serious Injury Law will take into account, amongst other things:-
    1. that at the inception and throughout your claim, it is more likely than not that you will recover in full from your opponent your damages and legal costs;
    2. that throughout your claim, your opponent is insured and likely to be able to pay your damages and legal costs referred to in 2(a)(i) in full.

3. Can my cover be cancelled?

  1. Serious Injury Law retain, in their absolute discretion, the right to dismiss a member from the scheme and/or withdraw or cancel insurance cover and/or the membership of any member, at any time whatsoever.

4. What will you do with my personal data?

  1. We want to make sure that you are made aware of any changes to the Serious Cycle Scheme cover and/or things related to cycling that may be of interest to you;
  2. We know how much data security matters to all our customers. With this in mind, we will never share your data with third party organisations outside of Serious Cycle Scheme/Serious Injury Law without your permission;
  3. We may, however, disclose your personal data to the Police or other Enforcement, Regulatory, Government or other body, in your country of origin or elsewhere, upon a valid request to do so;
  4. On every email we send, you will be given the opportunity to tell us that you would like your details to be removed from the Serious Cycle Scheme and/or our database generally;
  5. We will only keep your data for as long as you are a member of the Serious Cycle Scheme and/or as long as the scheme is in operation. You have the right to withdraw your consent for us to process your data at any time;
  6. We intend to comply with the relevant Data Protection legislation in force at any relevant time.

5. Serious Injury Law’s rights

  1. All rights, including copyright, in this website are owned by Serious Injury Law. Any use of this website or its contents, including storing or copying it in whole or in part, is prohibited without the permission of Serious Injury Law. You may not modify or distribute anything on this website for any purpose;
  2. We reserve the right to change these Terms & Conditions from time to time. If we do make any changes, you will be notified, and you will be asked whether you agree the changes or wish to end your membership of the scheme.

6. Serious Cycle Scheme website

  1. Serious Injury Law has taken every care in the preparation of the content of this website. However Serious Injury Law Limited disclaims all warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information contained in the content of this website. Serious Injury Law shall not be liable to any person for any loss or damage which may arise from the use of any of the information contained in any of the materials on this website;
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  3. We may place links on this website to other websites we think you may want to visit. We do not vet these websites and do not have any control over their contents. Serious Injury Law cannot accept any liability in respect of the use of these websites;
  4. There may be legal notices on other areas of this website which relate to your use of this website, all of which will, together with these terms & conditions govern your use of this website;
  5. Serious Injury Law makes every effort to ensure that this website is free from viruses or defects. However, we cannot guarantee that your use of this website or any websites accessible through it won’t cause damage to your computer. It is your responsibility to ensure that the right equipment is available to use the website and screen out anything that may damage it. Serious Injury Law shall not be liable to any person for any loss or damage which may arise to computer equipment as a result of using this website;
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